Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In one of the most bizarre finishes to an indoor netball game the Central Pulse last night claimed their first point in the Trans-Tasman championship.

The game, played in Perth's Challenge Stadium, was called off at half time after the stadium roof developed a leak which flooded the court. The Pulse were being hammered by 17 points at the time.

If the game had been called off after the 3rd quarter began the team leading - the West Coast Fever - would have been declared the winner, but because play did not resume after the break it was awarded a draw and the Pulse got their point.

Perhaps if they take a drill to the roof of TSB arena the Pulse may yet avoid the wooden spoon.

How to deal to high fuel prices

Truck drivers in Europe have found an interesting way to deal with rising fuel prices - blockade the major highways.

Following on from a 3 week strike by French fisherman, hundreds of French trucks have blockaded motorways and border posts, causing traffic mayhem. About 30 kilometres of traffic jams have been reported in and around Bordeaux.

The truckers are "demanding immediate measures" to counter the impact of high fuel prices., and their action will continue indefinitely.

Dispelling the myths

We have heard much recently about the so called drain on the economy by migrants. Well the Herald reports today on an immigration conference held in Wellington where the Department of Labour has this to say:

Flashing headlines like "Peters names immigration as key driver of inflation" and "Pacific migrants drain on economy" couldn't be further from the truth


recent studies had found that overseas-born migrants contributed $8.1 billion to the economy in 2006, while using $4.81 billion in benefits and services. In comparison, New Zealand-born citizens contributed $24.76 billion and used $21.92 billion in benefits and services.

It will be interesting to see the reaction from those critics who vaunted the recent cut and paste statistical analysis of Massey University's Greg Clydesdale.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Which one of these three went broke owing $1.14 million?

What's Going On?

What is it with South Auckland police and brown people?

Only last week I was talking to my Sikh friend who runs the Mangere Bridge liquor store and he was telling me that on the last three occasions he was robbed the police failed to attend the scene. And today I was talking to my Hindu friends who run the local dairy and they told me the same story. In fact they relayed that the police told them to 'call again if the thieves come back'. This is outrageous.

But not as outrageous as the fact that it took nearly an hour for police to attend the scene of the terrible shooting of Navtej Singh on Saturday night. What the hell were they thinking?

Detective Inspector Jim Gallagher said the officers were following the correct procedure.

"It may be something that we can look at," Mr Gallagher said.

May be? Surely he must be joking.

But of course this is the same man who lead the investigation into my aunt's death so I am hardly surprised.

When will these people ever learn?

A BAD mistake

In a misjudgement to rival Hitler's invasion of Russia blogger Whaleoil has challenged one of the Muliaga boys to a boxing bout. Oh joy!

What Whaleoil probably doesn't know is that the Muliaga's have never seen his vitriolic and vicious posts about their mother and family. I have deliberately kept his crap from them because no-one who is grieving needs to read such scum sucking, low down, brain dead trash.

However once I show them his thoughtful works the man is in for a terrible, and totally self-inflicted, beating.

His only hope is that because the boys are devout Christians they may refuse his offer. He had better start praying.

Robber leaves ID at scene of crime

ABC Australia reports on perhaps the smartest burglar this year.

Rumours are that he is enrolling to become a brain surgeon when released from prison.