Monday, June 9, 2008

A BAD mistake

In a misjudgement to rival Hitler's invasion of Russia blogger Whaleoil has challenged one of the Muliaga boys to a boxing bout. Oh joy!

What Whaleoil probably doesn't know is that the Muliaga's have never seen his vitriolic and vicious posts about their mother and family. I have deliberately kept his crap from them because no-one who is grieving needs to read such scum sucking, low down, brain dead trash.

However once I show them his thoughtful works the man is in for a terrible, and totally self-inflicted, beating.

His only hope is that because the boys are devout Christians they may refuse his offer. He had better start praying.


Cactus Kate said...

The one on the right is bloody huge. Sure he's not related to Pork Chop? How on earth are you going to get him into shape in 12 weeks around his schooling?

Canterbury Atheists said...

Boxing involves a high degree of aerobic/anaerobic exercise, speed etc (I train my son twice weekly so take this from me) and not just brute strength & size. They may be teens but looking at their respective ‘body mass index’s’ sorry I can’t imagine either of the Muliaga lads currently going past the 2nd round before the ring doctor would intervene to prevent their imminent cardiac arrest. But you may prove me wrong knowing the proponents ages, fitness levels etc.Rather than taunt Whaleoil or engage him further via blogs etc –why not accept his offer & arrange the fight with one of the Muliaga sons and give all monies raised to a mutually agreed charity?
Tell them they are fighting for their mothers/family name and 'fire them up'. I’m happy to put $100 into the pot to see this fight go ahead. Contact me via my blog if you want to progress from words to action.

Cactus Kate said...

I've put up $1000. That's $1100 so far.

Barnsley Bill said...

An eery silence broken only by the odd tumbleweed skittering down silent brenden boulevard.
Blowhard.. Bwahahaha