Monday, June 9, 2008

Which one of these three went broke owing $1.14 million?


Whaleoil said...

Nice to see you are keeping up with the fact free posts.

Get it right.

A I don't owe anything and I'm not broke.

It was my fiduciary responsibility that called a halt to the profligacy of the other majority shareholder.

But I guess you will find all that out as you defend yourself in court.

Barnsley Bill said...

From candidate for a major political party in an election to frothing fuckwit blogger in just a few short weeks.
You are really living the dream aren't you Brenden?

Brenden Sheehan said...

Who are you exactly Barnsley? The cloak of anonymity may be ok in your little world but if you want to blog on my site then you need to tell us who you are.

Cammy and I have no problem letting it all hang out - it's time for you to give it up bro!

Whaleoil said...

Give what up? I've nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of.

Do you think you piss ant little blog gets read by doesn't even have a Pagerank or a an Alexa rating. you my friend are pissing in the proverbial wind and when you do that, one thing is for sure, you're going to get wet.

Barnsley Bill said...

You have been in the same room as me at least four times this year.. You figure it out. I will be removing the mask when and if Clark is no longer PM.

Brenden Sheehan said...

at least you have one thing right - IF!

Looks like I will have to wait another three years to see the real you. Coward.

Barnsley Bill said...

Fuck, that is rich coming from you junior. You have been spraying filth around the blogs for weeks. And then you hide behind another sick rellie rather than man up and admit that labour told you to fuck off. Your mates in the union and labour party are all laughing behind your back mate. Have a good look at the people you work with. Look hard enough and you will see it.
If you have any more to say, do it on my blog. I will not be pushing your numbers up anymore.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Boxing involves a high degree of aerobic/anaerobic exercise (I train my son twice weekly so take this from me) and not just brute strength & size. They may be teens but looking at their respective ‘body mass index’s’ I can’t imagine either of the Muliaga lads going past the 2nd round before the ring doctor would intervene to prevent their imminent cardiac arrest. Rather than taunt Whaleoil – why not accept his offer & arrange the fight with one of the Muliaga sons and give all monies raised to a mutually agreed charity? I’m happy to put $100 into the pot to see this fight go ahead. Contact me via my blog if you want to progress from words to action.