Monday, June 9, 2008

What's Going On?

What is it with South Auckland police and brown people?

Only last week I was talking to my Sikh friend who runs the Mangere Bridge liquor store and he was telling me that on the last three occasions he was robbed the police failed to attend the scene. And today I was talking to my Hindu friends who run the local dairy and they told me the same story. In fact they relayed that the police told them to 'call again if the thieves come back'. This is outrageous.

But not as outrageous as the fact that it took nearly an hour for police to attend the scene of the terrible shooting of Navtej Singh on Saturday night. What the hell were they thinking?

Detective Inspector Jim Gallagher said the officers were following the correct procedure.

"It may be something that we can look at," Mr Gallagher said.

May be? Surely he must be joking.

But of course this is the same man who lead the investigation into my aunt's death so I am hardly surprised.

When will these people ever learn?

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